20 years of focus on woven production custom



20 years of focus on woven production custom
  • Design customization and quotation
  • Take a payment
  • Draft proofing
  • Large batch approval
  • Typesetting weaving production and QC packaging
  • Logistics
  • Customer's receipt of the goods is correct

Focus on garment accessories design and production for 14 years, with rich experience in production and processing

Design and manufacture of trademark clothing accessories and related ancillary products and packaging to provide you with one-stop solution

The company has a professional technical team that develops and produces garment accessories.

We have the leading level of Swiss NiuMai machine, weaving high quality woven products for you

All the products of the company are produced by the factory, with high production efficiency, timely delivery and low price.

Participated in the clothing accessories exhibition many times, and was highly recognized by peers and customers.

The company has a number of patents for weaving, tagging and printing.

Customized according to customer requirements, free design samples



20 years of focus on woven production custom



20 years of focus on woven production custom

Dongguan Rong Hua Woven Label Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2018. Since 2000, it has specialized in weaving, printing, cloth labeling, stickers, stickers, lanyards, weaving, washing and so on. The production and processing company has a complete and scientific quality management system.

The company has 10 new weaving machines, 75D warp yarns. It can self-complete all kinds of weaving, writing, programming, textile. It has its own ultrasonic slitting machine, folding machine. It can complete all kinds of trademarks from pattern to finished product shipment. The whole process of production and inspection. With its own laser and seaming, it can quickly complete the laser and seaming of various woven badges and keychains.


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